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You can use this tool to track the progress of a faulty mobile device you've returned to us to be fixed.

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The landline or mobile number you provided when the service request was created.  A unique number used to identify your mobile phone on our network.
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If you completed a "Mobile Device Assessment" form through a Telstra Dealer, use the web reference number on it to check the status.  If you received a resolution request number, (may have previously been referred to as a repair request number), through a Telstra store, use this number to check the status. 
What is Service number?
The service number is either the landline number, for example 02 12345678 or mobile number for example 0400 123456
provided when the service request was created.
What is my IMEI number and where can I find it?
The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique number used to identify your mobile phone on our network.
To find the IMEI number of your device:
  • Mobile Handset
    • Dial the sequence *#06# into the phone keypad. The unique 15 digit IMEI code of your mobile phone will be instantly displayed.
    • May be imprinted on the back case or the sim tray as well.
  • Check the device's compliance sticker usually found under the battery if it is of the removable type.
  • Refer to the IMEI number printed on the original sales box of your device.
  • The original proof of purchase sales receipt usually has the IMEI printed on it.
Please refer to your mobile device user's manual to see if there are other ways to find its IMEI number.
What is my web reference number?
This number will either start with an "M" followed by a 9 or 10 digit number, for example M12345-6789 or be a 10 digit number, for example 012345-6789.
What is my resolution request number?
This number starts with "RR1" followed by a 12 or 13 digit number, for example RR1-012345678901.