If you believe that you have experienced misuse or abuse online, and have technical details to show that it originated from a Telstra service, please tell us about it below so we can investigate further.

You can also use this form to report suspicious emails, phishing scams, telephone scams, and suspicious SMS messages which relate to Telstra as a brand.

When requesting to unblock a website, please provide the Web URL and your affiliation to the website (site owner or user).The Domain name or exact website address is mandatory or Telstra cannot investigate the issue.

Please note: We may not respond to all submissions, and any responses or follow-up will be via email only.

Not with Telstra?

If the misuse originates from another network, you should report the event to that Internet Service Provider (ISP) directly.

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Privacy Statement

Protecting your personal information is important to us, so before submitting your details to Telstra, it's important that you understand our Privacy Collection Statement.

How to protect yourself

If you're having trouble filling out this form or you're worried that your personal information or account details may have been compromised, report any security or privacy concerns or call us on 13 22 00. Help protect yourself and your family, and stay safe online. For more information about online security and scams,
see https://telstra.com/scams

Misuse Details

Please include the relevant firewall or other technical logs for the event you are reporting.

Please provide logs that contain the following information:
1. The exact date and time of the event (including time zone or GMT offset),
2. The source IP address,
3. The destination IP address, and
4. The source & destination ports (if possible)

Without this information, we may be unable to investigate.

You can also submit a report of suspicious network traffic by including logs in an email to "abuse@telstra.com"

In order for us to investigate potential spam coming from Telstra, we require "full email headers" for the message in question. We also would appreciate as much of the message content as you can include here.

To obtain this information from some popular email applications, follow the steps below:

  • For Telstra Mail (webmail): Open the message and select "Mark as Spam" from the "More" menu. There is no need to fill out this webform if you use this feature of Telstra Mail.

  • For macOS Mail: Select the message and either:
    • Type "⌘ U" and copy and paste all of the text that appears into the box above
    • OR
    • Select the "View" menu, then the "Message" option, and finally the "Raw Source" option. Copy and paste all of the text that appears into the box above.

  • For Microsoft Outlook: Follow the advice provided by Microsoft at https://support.office.com/en-us/article/view-internet-message-headers-in-outlook-cd039382-dc6e-4264-ac74-c048563d212c

Note that mobile email clients on smartphones and tablets may not be able to view full email headers, and attempting to "forward" a suspicious email to us at "abuse@telstra.com" may not include this vital information.

Wherever possible, suspicious emails should be reported via this form rather than trying to forward a copy to us. Forwarding emails may result in them being automatically blocked if they contain malicious or other unwanted content.

If you are reporting a suspicious email that you received, or a known phishing scam which mentions the Telstra brand, we would appreciate as much detail from the original email message as possible.

In particular, we are interested in any URLs (web links) which may be included with the phishing/suspicious email. Care should be taken when trying to copy and paste these links into the box above as you should avoid clicking on any suspicious link that you may see in any email.

You can also report these emails by sending them as an attachment to "abuse@telstra.com", but do know that forwarding emails may result in them being automatically blocked if they contain malicious or other unwanted content.

If you are reporting a suspicious (scam) phone call or SMS, please provide:

  • The full phone number that received the call or message
  • The full phone number that made the call or sent the message (if available)
  • The exact date, time, and timezone that the call or message was received

If you wish to report other telephone-based harassment, please do so via Telstra's Unwelcome Calls Team at https://www.telstra.com.au/consumer-advice/unwelcome-calls